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Riding the MK1-E is truly a completely different experience. It’s simply more safe, more intuitive and a whole lot more fun!

The MK1-E stands for high-quality without compromises, and over time the BUILT TO TILT™ cargo bike has proven its durability and functionality. We understand and respect the needs and pain points of modern urban families which is why we strive to achieve only the best and make sure you can focus on the adventures ahead.

Perfect for kids

Having your children in front of you is great. They are safe and comfortable, riding through the city or landscape on a thrilling roller-coaster sensation. Something you can be sure will bring smiles to all faces.

Safe & Comfortable

Because the MK1-E leans into the turns it’s both fast and safe at the same time. The 3 wheels make the cargo bike stable to ride with children and the ability to lean into the curves makes it comfortable on uneven roads and while turning.

No sweat to ride

When you’re going uphill, riding long distances or bringing heavy loads you won’t even break a sweat. With the integrated and very powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, you can turn up or down for the assistance as needed.

The MK1-E is sold in 22 different countries around the world and Voted Best Cargo Bike at Cyclingworld Düsseldorf in 2017.