Johnny Loco

Cargo Cruiser

Johnny Loco’s Cargo Cruiser employs all of the benefits of a cargo bike, but with none of the disadvantages. That is what we have accomplished with our exceptionally light Cargo bike. It comes with full alloy boxes, making them the safest way to transport your precious cargo. The three-wheel cargo bike offers safety and comfort in stopped traffic, simply because it will stand on its 3 wheels without any additional support. No worries here about waving to friends passing by.
Its box will seat up to 4 children (standard 2+2 on optional extra seat) with their luggage or your shopping bags. Rain covers are also available, and the handlebar and saddle can be adjusted for your ideal riding position. The double disc brake and 7-speed hub gear will accommodate acceleration and braking in all weather conditions. Johnny Loco’s Cargo Cruiser is also available as E-bike with the Shimano┬« Steps system.


NEW: Delivery Cargo Cruiser

The Delivery Cargo Cruiser is a brand new and special edition of our beloved Cargo Cruiser. To transport your belongings in style, you can now use a lot more space with it’s special – custom – designed flight case. Made of concrete plywood, the Delivery Cargo Cruiser and it’s chest are low in maintenance to guarantee you a good ‘bakfiets’ for a very long time.


About Johnny Loco

Johnny Loco is our brand from Amsterdam, making a range of products that help you to keep calm. All crafted in an old school way with an eye for detail, beautiful materials and colors, and the quality to age into a personal item with grace. We hope that you are pleased with our products. Want to see more? Take a quick look at or @byjohnnyloco on Instagram.