Winther offers a wide range of Kangaroo cargo bikes for families – and people with other transport needs.

Are you looking for unique cargo bikes with a felt difference when it comes to the riding experience?

Then there are three different models to choose from – so you can find the one that suits you and your family’s needs.

Key for all Winther cargo bikes is the focus on quality and safety. These elements are integrated into the test-winning design from the beginning.

All Winther cargo bikes are customized at our factory in Denmark. Winther is a family owned company established in 1932 and one of Denmark’s oldest bike manufactures.

Kangaroo Luxe

Unique advantages make Kangaroo Luxe the ultimate cargo bike for you and your family. Seats that can be put to resting position, the patented three-point steering system and detailed focus on safety and comfort made it win the prize as best cargo bike in test.

Kangaroo Lite

Kangaroo Lite is the new, chic cargo bike from Winther. The user-friendly design delivers everything you need so it quickly becomes an important part of your family’s everyday life. The children enjoy being transported around in a safe and comfortable way.

Winther Cargoo

A Cargoo is the most flexible model. Choose between special made seats or a bench solution. Or choose it just as it is with the box for transportation of other goods.